5 Ad Campaigns
With Heart

In celebration of the American Heart Awareness month this February, we look back on some of our favourite recent healthcare campaigns relating to heart and cardiovascular diseases. Here are five amazing ads that made 'being human' the very heart of the campaign.

"Make Health Last"

Lowe+Partners for Canadian Health & Stroke Foundation, Canada

This impressive ad campaign from the Canadian Health & Stroke foundation urges Canadians to make lifestyle changes and to empower them to take action. Using a split-screen technique to showcase two different ways of living, this video invokes the choices we make now that effectively shapes our future and our way of life.

"Last Dance"

JWT for Melbourne Quit Victoria, Australia

"Last Dance" feature a touching moment between a loving wife and her husband during the final stages of his illness, while they were silently and painfully watched by their young son. By showing the consequences of not quitting now, this campaign encourages smokers to consider the impact that it will have on their lives, now and in the future.


Publicis Conseil for Cardiovascular Research Foundation, France

A provocative health campaign that showcases not only the challenging day-to-day life of a modern woman, but also shows that anyone is vulnerable to a cardiac arrest. This witty and entertaining health video gives us a glimpse of the many ordeals of a working woman and to some degree, the capacity to overlook one's health due to having a busy lifestyle.

"Fight For Every Heartbeat"

Grey London for British Heart Foundation (BHF), UK

This campaign demonstrates how heart disease touches us all. From the British Heart Foundation (BHF), this campaign is calling all people across the UK to fight back against coronary heart disease. The video features real heart patients who suffer with heart conditions and it also includes a moving TV clip of the devastating moment of footballer Fabrice Muambas' on-pitch cardiac arrest.

"We Will Finish The Race"

Boston Magazine, USA

Okay, so this is really neither a heart nor a cardiovascular disease ad campaign, but nevertheless, this print ad from Boston Magazine for its May 2013 cover is an inspiring and a heart-warming (see the connection?) image of solidarity. We all know the unfortunate and tragic incident at the Boston marathon in April of last year. At the time of print, this simple and powerful message stands for the many wonderful facets of human life.

It offers hope and the 'never-give-up' attitude of us all in time of adversity. Kudos to Mitch Feinberg and their team for creating a very powerful image. A further interesting read on two related articles: "Shoes we wore" and "Behind the May Boston Magazine Cover".

image source: BostonMagazine.com