medical animation

MOD animation showcasing a severe medical condition, anaemia secondary to CKD.


The excerpt from this animation explores secondary anaemia mechanism-of-disease (MOD). We introduced a clean, modern and clear-cut art style with background objects being soft colours and where elements we focus on are vibrant and pop out at the viewer with rich depth.


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Akebia Therapeutics

secondary anemia to CKD animation
anemia animation

Really happy with the final video - thank you for your patience and hard work on this project!

Akebia Therapeutics
Massachusetts, USA

What is secondary anaemia

1Anaemia (or anemia) is a serious medical condition in which blood is deficient in red blood cells (RBCs) and hemoglobin, leading to inadequate oxygen delivery to tissues and cells throughout the body.

2Anaemia is not due to a blood disease, but will be secondary to another disease. Secondary anaemia varies widely from mild to severe anaemia, and by the easy form will be anaemien often overlooked, as it focuses on the primary disease.

Mangeltilstande as iron , folin and vitamin B12 deficiency do not count in the secondary anaemier. Secondary anaemia can only be cured if you get treated the primary disease.

AKS Anaemia, which originate from chronic diseases, are often chronic inflammatory conditions (inflammatory), infections and certain cancer.

Examples of secondary anaemia:
Anemia of chronic disease (AKS), Anemia by kidney disease, Anemia by diseases of the metabolism and Anemia by diseases of the liver.


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