medical animation

Webcast ident & bumper for a publishing and medtech firm.


This ident has been created as an introductory video for a series of webcasts intended for the medical community, discussing hot topics and forums about cardiovascular.

Collaborating with the Cardiovascular Newspaper publishing team from BIBA medical for the end client, Medtronic; we created a 3D animation montage of key scenes of the cardiovascular world. To learn more about the webcast, watch the latest video here


3D animation


Medtronic + Cardiovascular News Publishing

Cardiovascular Animation

Our Cardiovascular News brand started a new project producing webcasts for the medical community and we needed a creative, modern and interactive solution representing Cardiovascular News at the beginning of the webcasts. Polygon helped us to combine those attributes with great professionalism and the final result could not have been better. Thanks for designing such a beautiful product!

Cardiovascular News, Publishing | Medtronic
London, UK

About Cardiovascular System

Structures of the cardiovascular system include the heart, blood vessels, and blood. It is responsible for transporting oxygen, nutrients, hormones, and cellular waste products throughout the body.

The cardiovascular system has three major functions: transportation of materials, protection from pathogens, and regulation of the body's homeostasis.

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