medical animation

An animation of a medical device for weight-loss.


This video shows an excerpt of a gastric balloon animation for a weight loss treatment.

Working closely with the client to a tight schedule, we were able to deliver a simplified yet elegant non-traditional visualisation of a next-generation medical device technology. We were able to showcase an accurate visualisation of the key features of the product, and how it can aid heavily in weight loss.


3D animations, 3D illustrations

Client / Agency

Obalon Therapeutics + Brainchild Creative

gastric balloon animation

What you accomplished is striking both visually and as a pure piece of storytelling. Polygon is an amazing resource and we'll look forward to finding an excuse to dive deeply into the digestive or other system with you in the near the recent UK press launch in London, was sure to tell them the video was developed by Polygon!

Obalon Therapeutics / Brainchild Creative
California, USA

What is Gastric Balloon Treatment

Gastric Balloon treatment is a non-surgical weight loss alternative and designed to induce weight loss by partially filling the stomach so the patient feels fuller quicker.

While not yet approved by the FDA the gastric balloon is approved for use in Canada, Mexico, Australia, India and several European and South American countries.

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