medical animation

An immersive 3D animation journey inside the cell.


In this clip, we take you on a journey inside the human cell and we explore the importance of the cell's mitochondria in producing the body's energy molecule, ATP.

To introduce and highlight the key benefits of a nutritional health supplement, our team put together a vision to create a series of animations using a high-end art style with an "outer-space" theme, with cinematic techniques for composition, camera movement and lighting effects. The scenes contained dynamic "space-battle" type action with many detailed elements visible within each environment.

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USANA Health Sciences, Inc.

nutritional health animation
nutritional science and health animation

Awesome, Awesome, AWESOME! Perfect! Huge kudos to you and your team! You have perfectly executed our vision on this, scientifically and artistically. Fabulous work!

USANA Health Sciences
Utah, USA

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